About Follow Jesus to Freedom

Our Mission Statement

If you sick and tired of fancy mission statements where the company actually just wants your money, then you can rest easy - we don't want anything from you.  We came here to give.  So here is what we are about:

In Andrew Murray's book, "Absolute Surrender" he made this profound statement that so struck home with us, and so matched our ministry's purpose, that we begin with his words:

"....the true taking away of sin is this:  If the light comes in, the darkness is expelled."

Oh what a truth!  And that is what Follow Jesus to Freedom is all about....we hope to be a tool in God's hands to cause the Light of the World to indwell men. As that happens, the darkness is replaced by light.  And men who are bound up in sin are freed!

That is the mission of Follow Jesus to Freedom.
We are a small group of Christian men - volunteers who are grateful to our Lord Jesus for setting us free from habitual sin. It is because of that gratitude that we serve here, hoping to help other men on their own journey to freedom through Christ.

Since our Purity Through Christ course is interactive, each one of us gets to read his student's lessons, encourage the student, pray with him, and give him what we believe is good advice on how to change his life to one that more closely follows Christ.  What we pray for, and the reason the course was written is to help get a man ready for the marvelous heart surgery that the Holy Spirit can do in him.
We built this site for men who are in bondage to sexual sin.  The lessons were mostly written by Neill Morris, who has, since September 2002, been working with and praying for men who are in bondage.

We pretty much pay for the cost of running this web site, ourselves.  So there is no charge for enrolling in or taking the course. 

To Enroll

Send a blank email to


We will send you back an enrollment form.

To sum it up - we are here to serve Christ and our fellow man.